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christmas cheer

it's finally starting to look like christmas around here!  we went out saturday and bought our trees.  i spent the whole day yesterday decorating them and the house.  i'll take some photos this's rainy and cloudy here and hard to get some good ones.  as happy (and thankful!) as i was to be busy with work this season, i was not feeling the christmas cheer.  not a stitch of decorations in my own house, no time to do my shopping...laundry was piling up... house was dirty.  i was going a little cuckoo.  like i said...i am beyond thankful for my job and for my awesome supporters...i'm just being honest:)  it was hard to balance it all.  now that i have some trees up and my favorite christmas decorations around me and the laundry has been almost caught up on...i'm feeling a little more human:)
the boys finished up school last friday...yahoooo for christmas break!  we are off to a movie in just a bit and i am thankful for this time with my family!  hope you are all enjoying a peaceful and joyful moment too!  xox...jenn


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Thinking of you and hoping this note finds you and your family doing well. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you the best this coming new year. Hugs! :)