noodle and lou

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happy friday everyone!
so excited to be feeling a bit better and
for a 3 day weekend ahead of us!

sharing a few pics of my buddy with you guys:)  louie never leaves my side (unless he is following chris around) and is such a sweet little pal.  faithfully waiting in the car line every day with me.  hanging out in the car..taking instagram pictures:)  so happy when he sees the boys heading towards the car.  and 2 different schools equals twice as much excitement:)

the rest of his time is spent soaking up bits of sunshine when it's not too cold.  (he will only wear a sweater if we are on a walk!  silly willy) and digging for badgers.  yes, of course there are no badgers...but we won't tell louie that.



Isabel said...

He is soooo adorable!!!:O) Mine will not wear any sweaters we where lucky to get the collar on!!!:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

tascha said...

AHHHHHH He is sooo adorable! I remember when my mom would come pick me up from school with our dog right there in the car too waiting for me. Mom's and their dogs :)

Susan said...

What a sweetie pie. Please give him a big old Virginia smooch from me. Hugs.