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puppy lou and the saturday update

well, where did that week go!?  happy, happy friday you guys!!  for starters...the shop update is still on for tomorrow.  know i mentioned it quickly the other day...but here are the details!

january 21
9:00 p.m. EST 
(that's new york time)
at the noodleandlou etsy shop

i won't have everything i had planned...but there will be houses, 1 or 2 dolls and some more fun things.  there will be a "valentine part II" update next week. and hey! don't forget to sign up for the vintage valentine giveaway!  (see the post before this one!)  now... here's why i got barely a thing done this week...

 my baby lou was sick.  again!  it's the saddest little thing when a puppy is sick.  like a baby totally.  poor little guy.  this time it was his stomach.  he just wanted to be held.  i felt so bad for him...but was also losing my mind with the upset tummy cleanup.  we'll leave it at that.  you case you are eating.  so gross.  thankfully all the meds kicked in today and he's on the mend.  it is so sunny and beautiful here today...he was pretty excited to go sit in the sun:)  well...see ya'll tomorrow!  thanks for poppin by!  xox...jenn


Yummers! said...

I would like some houses but they're always gone when I get to your shop... and I do watch the clock for the time. Any way of ordering ahead of time?

Joni Possin

noodle and lou said...

hi Joni!
so sorry you've had trouble in the past...
they usually sell pretty quickly. but I would be
thrilled to create some just for you!
you can contact me at noodleandlou[at]hotmail[dot]com
hope to talk to you soon:) xojenn

mercedes scott said...

I'm loving your puppy Lou! that face is the sweetest :)

Isabel said...

Love the little houses:O) and poor Lou, awful when they are sick, glad he is better:O)