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vintage tuesday

hello there!  it's the first vintage tuesday of 2012 and i'm so happy you are here.  the new year has me itching to purge and clean and about you?  for is just so much easier and happier when everything has it's place.  it doesn't necessarily mean things are always actually in their place....but you get what i mean:)

a great way to organize your home is by repurposing your flea market / thrift shop / vintage finds.  enjoy these vintage picks from etsy...

i adore using old farm rake heads for
jewelry storage! (my photo...)
organize all those necklaces and have
them right within reach...awesome.

use darling old metal baskets like
this one for storing blocks and toys
in your child's room.  they look so cute
lined up on a book shelf.  

vintage boxes like this one are pretty
easy to find and make great storage for
everything from bills and notes to art
supplies for the kiddos...

old wire crates...i can't have enough
of them!!!  i use them everywhere...but
particularly ones like this in my closet to
contain scarves, bags and hats...etc.
they are perfect because you can SEE
what's inside...but a zillion times cuter
than plastic bins.  see this one here.

i use old metal buckets for storing magazines
and towels in a fresh, "industrial chic" way.
this one  is so darling with that label.  so
good for a nursery or child's bathroom.

use antique drink crates, like these ,
 in the kitchen to store...well...drinks!
your water bottles or soda cans/bottles
stay nice and tidy.  perfect for parties
too.  you can also hang them on a
wall for clever book shelves and
knick knack storage.  (the dividers
can usually pop right out)   

love this old divider box to use in the
studio or office.  store stickers, envelopes,
stamps, bills, cards...all happily organized
and easy to find in their own little slot.

vintage hangers like this one make the best
display pieces!  organize all those little piles
laying around...clip important papers,
business cards, favorite photos, the kids'
doodles...  stylish and super easy to change
and my final pick for getting organized...
more baskets!  this time round ones.
old wire ones are my this one.
hang them in groups on your wall...
(bottom side to the wall).  cutest
storage and display for stuffed animals,
and toys.

hope you enjoyed!  tell me what ideas you have!
how are you getting organized in 2012?

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everyeskimo said...

love all these great ideas for organization and storage! nicely done.