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vintage tuesday...giveaway!

i love old valentines.  their darling graphics and kitschy little sayings.  i think it's so sweet when they have the original writing on them...but what a treat when you can find them blank.  hidden away for all those years...never given to a sweetheart.  here's a fun little project to display these vintage gems.  you just need a few items to make your very own valentine banner.  and guess what? there's a giveaway for you too!  noodle and lou vintage hearts you all so much!  read on...

all you need is some twine or fun trim,
nails. vintage valentines,
clips and papers
to decorate your clips.  (you could
also use little red paper clips,
tiny clothespins, etc)

i had these ugly plastic clips, so
i just cut some old bingo cards to
size and glued them right on to the
fronts.  you could further embellish
with a little ribbon and button too!

hang your trim up with nails...
my trim had wire in it so i just
simply wrapped the ends right
around the nail to secure.
you could also just tie a little
knot around the nail.
these little banners look so
great over a bed or book shelf:)

now just clip your valentines up and 
pat yourself on the back!  you just 
made the cutest valentine banner 
around!  and as a special treat for 
you my lovely readers...

this one can be one of yours!
just leave a comment
on this post.  you don't have
to have a blog to enter...just make
sure you leave your email or a way
for me to reach you if you win:)

you will get 4 vintage (blank!)
valentine cards, 4 clips and
the pom pom trim.  the
giveaway will be open until
next tuesday...2/24.  i'll announce
the winner then!  good luck and
have fun making one yourself maybe!


p.s. oops!  almost forgot!  
noodle and lou update is 
scheduled for this saturday!! 
i'll let you know the time soon!


andrea creates said...

oh this is so cute!
i love vintagey looking valentines :)

Elma said...

Love it!!!

Artfulife said...

So cute! I'm so sharing this so everyone can have a chance (even though I really want to win!)

Michelle said...

Such a fun and cute giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

ashley said...

Such a cute idea! Only one question: where can we get such cute, vintage valentines? I doubt my old school teenage mutant-ninja turtles valentines would bring the same aesthetic. Any ideas?

noodle and lou said...

good question Ashley! (and so true
for the ninja turtle valentines...giggle!)
one really good place to search is etsy.
you can spend aLOT or a little ... lots
of cute choices sold in sets.
I found mine at a flea market back in Chicago.
I've seen lots at antique malls too...but those are
usually pretty pricey.

have fun searching! xo

Anonymous said...

Jenn, so cute! I love vintage Valentines! I have a beautiful Valentine that my grandpa gave my grandma. I display it every year:)

Anonymous said...

Anon from me Jenn..Amy @

Leanne E said...

I absolutely love them Jenn! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Halloween Fanatic said...

Please throw my name in Jenn! So cool! Robert :)

James Morrison said...
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stellarstamper said...

Super cute! I love the "garland" you used and how you covered up those ugly 3M clips. :)


lulusparkles said...

hey girl! hope all is happy in your world. hugs

Jo James said...

How could I not love this??
Please throw my name in the mix :)


Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!! Love it!!! Please throw my name in the hat! Thank you. xoxo

sherry L. said...

So cute!! Thanks for the giveaway!