noodle and lou

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a snip and an update

last minute valentine shop update tomorrow night...

february 9, 2012
9:30 p.m. EST

see ya there!

here are a few iPhone pics of my little patient louie.  he was neutered last week.  the pills were making him sick to his stomach, but is now recovering nicely.  really...besides being a little more sleepy than usual, he doesn't seem to know that he has stitches in his nether region and is not supposed to jump, play, run for 2 weeks.  it's like trying to tame a wild monkey;)  i swear, this is the funniest little dog i've ever known.

by the you have that stamp?  love it to bits! my new fave!  tons of cute cards.  fun, fun.

happy wednesday you guys!  xox...jenn


Sophia said...

Love your new dolls and ohhhhhh look at the new, cuddly cutie!!! ADORE! :)

Happy Wednesday to you. Hugs

Carrie said...

How cute is Louie?!?! awwww!! Hope he feels better, soon! Hope the Valentine shop is a smashing success :)