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update peeks

hey guys!  quick look at what's heading to the shop tonight.  it's not a ton... but a few fun valentine inspired treats.  there is only one lulettes village.  i had great intentions for there to be more...but it just didn't happen.  if you need to place a special order, just let me know.  also was planning on some cute journals...but those will come on out at another time:)

so, a lulettes village, 3 of the beehive betty dolls (love them), a funny valentine couple in their undies:) and a french lulettes couple.  their french words mean "husband" and "wife".  cute for anniversaries and weddings too!

all will hit the shop at 9:30 p.m. tonight...E.S.T.

bye for now!  xox


Jenny Holiday said...

As alllllways just sooo darn charming it hurts!! :) I LOVE everything you create my dear!!!


Isabel said...

Awesome as always!!! Love them:O)

Anne said...

Too, too, delightful! Glad to have found you! ♥