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vintage tuesday & giveaway

vintage tuesday celebrates st. patrick's day!
and we'll start with my little giveaway...
this darling vintage celluloid doll.  a tiny
little irish man i think.  i adore how chippy
and green he is...don't you?  he would be
a fine addition to your festivities and
would love to stay out all year in your
home.  want a chance to win him?  just
leave me a comment on this post.  and if
you're irish, let me know!

 i'm not irish...scottish actually thank you very much:)...but it seems on st. patrick's day everyone has a little irish in them.  here are some super sweet vintage finds from etsy...all ready to help you celebrate on march 17th.  enjoy!
darling green velvet dress source

st. patty's day fun pack

how about some irish coffee in
these milk glass mugs...

a handsome necktie for your
lucky honey... source

little celluloid necklace in the perfect
shades of green... source

and my favorite...linen ireland
apron to wear while you serve up
leprechaun cookies to your guests...
source  and such a bargain!  if you
don't snatch this up, i will!

thanks for stopping by,
i sure do love vintage tuesdays!
giveaway is open until
next monday night... march 5th.


Michelle said...

Love that little guy! So cute:)

Anonymous said...

That little green doll is the cutest thing ever. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

Take care... Nickie

Sophia said...

Ohh the batch of buttons and what nots! :) And the apron, too.

Happy vintage Tuesday, girl! Hugs

Cris said...

I love the little Irish guy. It reminds me of little dolls I had when I was little! I am not Irish, more Scotch and German.

Chrisy said...

(said in Irish accent) Please count me in father is Irish...from County Cork...and would love the little green man!
ps coveting that apron...

Jo James said...

I love him so much!
I'm a good ole American mutt, but my daughter has flaming red hair so you know there's some Irish in there somewhere :)