noodle and lou

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a restaurant in our kitchen

we had been hearing about this fabulous new restaurant.  it didn't really have a name, mainly because the owners couldn't agree on one, but it was supposed to be the best food around.  the owners kept begging us to try it out.  one day, during spring break, we finally did.  we didn't have to go far, or even drive in a car for that matter.  this restaurant was right in our own kitchen.  chris and i don't have the chance to dine alone very often.  it was quite exciting.  jake and henry prepared a menu, set everything up, cooked their little hearts out, and served us a delightful meal.  there were cracker appetizers, BLT sandwiches, salad and coffee with biscotti.  we snapped some iPhone shots to share with ya'll...enjoy!

our darling waiter, henry...
he sure was giggly:) 

the head chef, jake.
what a master at his craft!

after we finished our meal, we spied the help eating
leftovers in the kitchen.  besides a few arguments
heard from the kitchen and our waiter stealing some
croutons off our plate right in front of us...
these cute boys run a fine restaurant and we
would eat there again and again.  xox...jenn

p.s. henry's choice for the name was "home sweet home".
i like that:)


tascha said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is just so adorable!

Cris said...

omg!!!! I thought my sisters an I were the only ones who loved playing restaurant!! one time we were even lucky enough to have my grandparents join my parent there~We had quite an extensive menu, much to the confusion of my parents, until they saw me ride by on my bike with a basket to the store! Needless to say the service was pretty slow, but after a few stiff cocktails served by my 4 year old sister (the laws were pretty lax back then)--they didn't mind and we even received a big tip unheard of 50 years ago!

Your pictures are darling!! Thanks for the memory~

andrea creates said...

how fun...looks like a great restaurant ;-)
my girls love making menus too :-)

sUz said...

love this so much jeNn! i could use a good blt. have they considered being a roadside diner or curb service? maybe we'll stop on our way to new mexico in a month :) xOx, sUz :)

Artfulife said...

They are adorable! Don't you love it when the kids do stuff like this? Hope you had a fun Spring Break.

Susan said...

This is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for such a wonderful post with great pictures. It's so promising to see a full family having fun and loving each other. You guys are doing it right. Bravo. My compliments to the chef (and the waiter).

Birdie said...

This post was so sweet. What a pretty family you are!