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spring break recap

spring break is over.  6:30 a.m. sure came early this morning.  it was ugly.  and rainy.  and we all pretended it wasn't happening:)  but it was.  so off we went!  we had a fun week.  even though it wasn't quite the way we planned it.  henry got a nasty cold early on.  chris pulled his back out.  then i got the nasty cold.  quite the group, huh?  we didn't let all that get us down though.  besides a few bed rest/video game days...we adventured out, ate some good food and had fun spending time together!  one of the most notable spots we went was one of most favorite places to eat... weatherford downtown cafe.  henry got the chicken and waffles and ohmygosh.  one of the best things i've ever tasted.  and of course we always have to get the fried pickles.  so good.  SO good.  anyhoo...enjoy these few photos from our week...mostly from my instagram (@noodleandlou).  a lot of rest, a ton of good food, some side by side reading with my sick buddy henry, a tiny bit of work and some sight seeing.  how was your week!?

p.s. louie is a little sad spring break is over too.

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Connie said...

So sorry that your week was filled with sickness. Some times that's the way it goes, things just wait to happen when you have time off and plans for fun. It does sound like you did not let it get you down, but pulled through with making the most of your time together. Have a great day, and I do hope everyone is feeling better. Your fan and follower, Connie