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vintage tuesday

good morning everyone!  seems we've been so busy around here.  all 4 of us going in a lot of different directions.  but next week is spring break and we can't wait!!  really, really can't wait!

thanks for entering my little vintage tuesday giveaway!!  i absolutely love these fun little drawings.  and the winner is...the super sweet and talented jo of cart before the horse!  yay jo!  send me your address and i'll ship your little fella off.

in other vintage news...
i've been working on the shop...
getting lots of new things
photographed and listed.
love staging my photos:)
merchandising is a big part
of my background and i sorta
love it.  lots of kids things which
are such a great way to bring
character to your little one's space...

thanks for stopping by today you guys!  xox...jenn


Jo James said...

Yay! Hooray! Cartwheels!

just me said...

oh boy could this go to a more perfect home!!! I wonder what Red Riding hood is going to think???? You might have started a love connection!!:)

Jo James said...

I got my little guy today! I love him so much! The girls are all making a fuss over him and making him feel at home.