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week(s) recap

happy monday everyone!  time for our spring break...wooohoooo!  and of course i forgot to turn off the alarm for school on my phone and woke up at the crack of dawn.  oops:)  before i run off to play, i wanted to share some instagram pictures from the last couple of weeks.  sure was meaning to share each week, but it's been a little extra busy around here and ya go:)

spring baseball has started, the boys both had their open house (i'm so proud of both of them...doing so well!), we went to see robert ballard speak (the guy that found the titantic.  it was fascinating!), i ate way too many white chocolate m&m's, i painted, chris traveled, i found some new vintage treats, the boys doodled, i wore a lot of vintage mexican dresses, henry was a grub worm in the most fabulous 2nd grade play you ever did see, lou was a wild puppy and that about sums it up...

and i almost forgot!  tonight is the spookytime
jingles update.  here are your peeks.  more
easter treats...yay!  don't forget...
first come first serve once the site
updates (around midnight EST).
link to my easter page right here!

so happy you stopped by today...
have a
fabulous day!  xox


Birdie said...

These are great photo's. I love all the vintage camera's and the little houses you made are super cute. Love it all!

Sophia said...

Happy Monday to you as well!! LOVing all of your wonderful, color-filled photos. :) Hugs