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too close for comfort

thanks so very much to all of you that have sent messages my way checking on us.  we are SAFE and sound. thank you Lord!!  most of you have heard about the tornadoes that hit the dallas / fort worth area on tuesday. our tiny town was one of the worst hit.  it was a very scary afternoon.  i happened to be at target and heard someone say... 'oh, there is a tornado warning.' .  okay.  you hear that and you think... okay...bad storm coming... no big deal.  no one was panicking or making annoumcements about it.  i finished my shopping and left target.  the sky was black.  eerie black.  as i started driving home, my husband called me asking where i was.  i said hwy 287.  that's exactly where the tornado was headed.  he told me to turn around, but hello?  where would i go?  then we lost our connection.  the emergency sirens started blaring throughout the city. i was listening to the emergency broadcast over the radio, police were all over the road stopping traffic.  you could see the frigging thing off in the distance.  i sat there under an overpass...waiting.  for what?  to be blown away!?  all i could think of were the kids at school and the dog at home. (chris was safe in the basement at the university).  i was freaking out.  i was reminded by the radio that you should not park under an overpass... not safe.  the mess looked like it had crossed over 287... so i just floored it.  towards the schools.  there were lots of trees (BIG ones) blown about and as i got close to my house there were huge pieces of metal and insulation everywhere. that was the worst feeling.  not knowing what was around the corner where our house and schools were.  but they were fine.  totally fine.  we feel so blessed to have escaped the exact path.  and at the same time, our hearts and prayers go out to those who were affected.  i can't believe how close it was to our street.  the water tower, shown below, can literally be seen from our front yard.  the GOOD news is that no one was killed.  is that a miracle or what?  145 mph tornado tossing tractor trailers and houses around like toys and no one was lost.  makes us all so thankful.  houses and cars can be replaced.  people sure can't.

c/o KETK

c/o star telegram


c/o KFDM
when i finally saw my sweet boys' faces, i just hugged
them tight and thanked God.  poor henry was so
scared... it was such a relief to have him in my arms!
the schools did a wonderful job keeping them calm
and safe.

so... i know... a pretty dramatic post.
but i was so appreciative how many of
you wrote and i mostly just wanted to say
thank you.  thank you from all 4 of us!


lulusparkles said...

so glad you are all ok, thanks for letting us know!

Janel said...

Hi Jenn!
It's been forever since we talked last! So very glad to hear you are all okay! I sure was thinking of you all!

I hope Louie isn't too traumatized either! Lil cutie!

Happy Easter!

jenny elkins said...

so glad you missed that. so scary. <3's go out to everyone there....hugs!

Michelle said...

So glad you are all safe and so is your home! What an awful afternoon. Your little town is in my prayers.

Leanne E said...

So glad to hear you are all safe! Sending love to those who have been touched by this storm...

Artfulife said...

Those pictures are crazy! So glad you guys were okay.

Tammy said...

Oh Thank heavens you all are alright I bet that was frightening. Not being able to be with the ones you love and worrying about your home never mind your own safety. Love those little smiles of theirs.

Take care!

Kat_RN said...

I just clicked on the next blog from mine, and found your post. I like the blog and I am glad you are safe.
Nice to meet you,

Isabel said...

So glad you are safe:O)!I have a niece living there and other friends and was so worried about her and her doggies at home alone.Thank God you and youre family are safe:O)

Mica said...

Praying for ya all and glad your Brother lives in Texas and drove past those big funnels to work...My SIL had to stay in her closet with her daughter and cat...I pray you will all be safe during this season..Mica

Sharon Hermens said...

Hi, Jenn. My name is Sharon. I live in Arlington...just down the road from you (well, not literally). My husband is from Kennedale. I'm so happy you and your family are safe. We are a few miles from the where the tornado hit. I live just off I-20 and Bowen road, across the street from the Strawberry fields. This is my first time finding your blog. Thank you.

Artisans On Fifth said...

Ohhh gosh Jenn... I just read this... so very glad that everyone is safe!!! xo -Kim

Paula said...

So glad everything is ok. For some reason I always think of you as being in Oregon. Driving through that must have been horrible.