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vintage flower pins

i'm so happy it's wednesday night!  that means friday is almost here.  hooray, hooray!  i worked on some special little (kinda big actually) flower pins today and just listed them in the ol' shop.  i have a pin that my granna made lots of years ago...(see the last photo).  i love it and was inspired to try and make some myself.  i have heaps of vintage fabric and searched out some vintage chenille pipe cleaners and voila!  i sort of love them.  super fun and funky and happy and bright.  just the thing to add a little vintage flare.

that's my granna's flower!  sweetness!  

what are you up to tonight??  


jenny elkins said...

those flower pins are so sweet! I was re-working some jewelry last night. Too bad we need sleep!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

Way cute! When I was a small girl I went to summer camp and we made these and placed them in old bottles that we covered with twine. I really thought I had made something. Thanks for the memories... Nickie M. :)