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vintage tuesday

i have a super fun (and easy) vintage tuesday project to share with you guys today.  if you are like me, you adore old photographs.  something about those old black and whites.  they are just fabulous.  and i don't only collect my own family's.  i constantly rescue stacks of forgotten photos from flea markets and estate sales.  i just can't bare the thought of them ending up in the garbage.  so, i'll stick 'em in with packages or display the extra cool ones or just keep them organized in glass jars.

i'm always thinking up new ways to display these old treasures and when i found these chippy, vintage paddles... a light bulb went off.  i love the way a photo looks taped to the middle!  and hello... there's even a little loop at the end of the paddle that i can hang them with!  don't they make charming "frames"?

** click on the photos to see them larger **

now, i know it's not every day you come across super cool, chippy painted, wooden ping pong paddles.... but this simple idea can get you started!  you could use ceiling tiles, old pieces of molding, little drawers... and of course ping pong paddles and even tennis rackets.  (you don't even need tape for those... just wedge your photo  corners right into the webbing!).

happy hunting!  let me know whatcha find!  xox...jenn

p.s. these sweet photos are of chris' and my grandparents.  xox

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Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

those look so cute! i collect vintage photos of animals and i display them in shadow boxes. now i'm on the lookout for something cute like those paddles to put them on!