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i'm back...

...a little worse for the wear (is that the saying?)... but back none the less!  thanks SO much for the well wishes and all the prayers.  really, really, really needed them.  i'm feeling human again as of sunday.  slowly getting back into my routine.  off a handful of my meds.  good riddance to the 2 different anti-biotics.  blech.  i know you are wondering what the heck happened to me.  and it's pretty gross.  and involves unpleasant things.  but the very short version is that i got some kind of nasty infection and that resulted in a nasty case of colitis.  i've been through child labor and kidney stones and this was right up there on the pain scale of horror.

this is the second time now that something horrid has happened to me while chris was out of town.  taking an ambulance ride to the hospital while my poor kids are freaking out.  henry staying with a neighbor i had never even met!!  (thank you God for the kindness of strangers!!)  having to take a cab home in my night gown the next day.  just the worst of the worst.  you thought it couldn't get any lower than the young, cute EMS guys dragging you out of your bedroom in a vile state of sick.  then you take the cab home in your nightgown with borrowed hospital socks.  wa. waaaaaaa. what. the. heck.  now that the pain is mostly gone... i can laugh.  really. it's funny. chris was gone for 5 days of this.  somehow i managed (poorly...but managed).  jake being 12 helped a LOT.  he really was a trooper.  really helped out with the dog and chores and henry.  it's just all a blur.  an ugly blur.

what's next?  well, i saw a GI doc last week.  he spent a long time with me and i felt much better after i left his office.  he took me off of some meds... prescribed new ones... i'm seeing him again at the end of the month.  and we'll go from there!

so...that's the scoop.  i'm so happy to be feeling better.  thrilled to be getting back to work.  taking pictures, listing new vintage things (hence the random photo below!), painting.  sweet.



Janel said...

So so happy you are on the mend! I haven't personally gone thru that, but I have with kidney stones. Both times by myself too. The second kidney stone I knew what was happening and drove myself to the ER because it was close by. Had to come home in pjs too. Oye Vey!

I feel for you though that there aren't some yummy peeps to help you when you need it most! Hopefully the new town will bring some good gal pals your way!

Hope your mothers day was a good one!

Take care of you!

Diane Duda said...

Yeesh. I should pay more attention. I had no idea. Glad the worst is over. Feel better. xo

tascha said...

Oh my word! That just sounds like a nightmere! I'm into juicing right now and I would suggest getting a juicer and having a juice fast while your body heals.

andrea creates said...

glad you're feeling better!! take care :)

Leanne E said...

So glad to hear that you are on the mend! Also good to hear that your young man was so supportive. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery :)