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4th of july update

tiny little update tonight!  i made some fun little houses and a couple paintings on old blocks... all red, white and blue for the 4th of july.  here are the details...

noodle and lou shop update
wednesday june 27, 2012
9:00 p.m. EST (new york time)

somehow, between all the craziness around here, i found time to make these.  jake became sick friday night and we wound up taking him to the ER on saturday.  stupid hives on every inch of his poor body.  still dealing with them today!  hate allergic reactions like that.  he's been through the ringer the last few days.  hang in there jake!

off to my day...
what are you up to!!?
here's a hug and a kiss for a happy wednesday...  xox


Isabel said...

awww, hope your son starts to feeling better soon:) Scary stuff those reactions. Love the new artwork:O) Cute doggie, have a great week:O)

darcy said...

Hi Jenn,
All three of your boys are so sweet. Prayers for Jake. i love your art! Happy 4th to you in your cozy new home.
hugs xo

Ioana Carmen said...

lovely sweetie!

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