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Christmas goodies on stj tonight

hey there!  it's that time again... the spookytime jingles website will update tonight around midnight (EST) and i'm excited to see some CHRISTMAS goodies!  halloween was fun but i'm ready to move on... and it's in the 30's here today so i am feeling that winter joy!  i'll have these few "bow girl" ornaments and a sit down lulettes dolly.  (ignore the red glare on the dolly's hair... sun flare).  the ornaments are larger in size than the "muffin girls" last season.  these are about 3 1/2 inches tall.  i used vintage fabrics for their BIG bows and hangers...

***click on the "noodle and lou" icon on the main page and you will be directed to my halloween page first... scroll to the bottom and click NEXT to get to my Christmas page***

i will also be offering a few halloween ornaments at a little discount...
stop on by if you can!  i have lots of other Christmas treats and ornaments in the works so stay tuned and have a SUPER day!  xox...jenn


andrea creates said...

jenn-these are so cute!
:) love the little tins!!

Susan said...

Your work is so much fun and each doll reminds me of a tiny self portrait.

Saad ali said...

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Alexandra said...

These are absolutely wonderful. It's been too long since I've visited your lovely, wonderful and inspiring page. SO terribly hard to stay caught up with being in school full-time. Oy! :)

Sarah Ogren said...

All of your art dolls are so sweet! I've enjoyed them very much.