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a fresh start...

what better way to begin march than with a fresh new start to this space!  i am back.  i am.  for real.  almost 3 months since a post and terribly sporadic before that... but i am back.  i needed to step back.  re-focus.  i needed a break.  so much going on with family stuff, health stuff, moving stuff, just stuff.  i am happy to report that we are relatively healthy and settling into our new home quite nicely.  thanks so much for all the kind notes and concerned emails and well wishes.  i sure do appreciate y'all and want you to know it!!

happy march!!  see ya soon.  no, really!  xox...jenn

***thank you heather for my delightful and clean and pretty new site design!!! i simply adore it, don't you!?***


Kate Eschbach said...

Oh this is soooo cute! LOVE the new site!

Halloween Fanatic said...

Love the new look here. Miss the music! ;) Robert

lulusparkles said...

Oh yes and deed-y i am loving it and glad u are back!

Isabel said...

love the new design and sooo glad you are back:O)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you knOw how i love your new look!
lOve it!!!!
it's perfect and perfectly yOu too!

and heather... seriously! you rocked it!

love a good kick in the pants... fresh "get it going girl".
i need one too!

Susan said...

Jenn, welcome back. I can't remember if you knew that my sweetheart of a hubby passed away suddenly the morning of New Year's Eve. Just wanted you to know as you were one of my first and favorite bloggy friends. Take care and stay healthy and happy. Hugs.

Anne V. Moore said...

great to see you are back