noodle and lou

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hello friends

hello friends and hello tuesday! 
snuck a few treats into the shop yesterday.  thank you etsy for your fabulous iphone app... my computer keyboard wasn't working (batteries...ahem...let's pretend it was something hard to fix) and i was able to list everything right from my phone!  oh technology.  sometimes you are my friend!  i remember the "old days" when i would have to run up to CVS with my camera and have a disk made to upload things into my shop.  

as you can see, spring is on my mind!  and so are yOu!  thanks for stopping by and i hope you have a fabulous day!  xox

p.s. louie says hi!


andrea creates said...

oh my those are so cute!
and of course i'm partial to doxies :)
have a super day~~

Jane George said...

i adore your doggy x