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happy or sad

you know those ideas that flood your brain right about the time you were finally going to fall asleep?  is it just me?  last night... i sat up in bed.  happy/sad blocks! i'm so silly.  truly.  but i still love the idea.  and i got a couple outta my head and into real life today:)  just added them to the shop.  

i'm loving the idea of a little piece of art for your desk... whether you are a grown up or a kid...turn it to the happy face side or the sad side depending on your current mood. 

i hope yours lands on the happy side quite a bit.  xoxo

p.s. happy sad pillows are next.  yep.


Michelle said...

Love them!

andrea creates said...

they're great!

i know what you mean about the ideas just before you fall asleep.i end up thinking about the idea and then can't fall asleep,lol.

have a great day~