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displaying little photos

do you guys order the little square prints from prinstagram?  they are some of my favorite little things!  i just choose my photos right from my instagram and poof... i have tiny prints.  i love sticking them in little bowls or jars around the house.  they are just really fun.  

so, i had these 2 original paintings that were used in my midwest-cbk line as artwork for traditional square frames.  they were just solid wood (no hole/opening for a picture) and i wanted to still use them as frames! voila... the painted center got a little piece of wood attached... and now you can use a bit of tape or ticky tack to stick a little photo on it!  that's one of the little prinstagram square photos on the "love lives here" painting.  perfect!  and it can be changed out weekly, daily, shoot... hourly if ya wanted!  

little old photos look so darling too! 

isn't it cute!?  i put these couple in the shop.  these are a little more expensive since i used the original artwork from the beautiful soul line!  but i'm thinking of making a little series of them and they'll be a bit more affordable.  what do you think?  xox..jenn

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