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hello friends

hi everyone!  i know.  i have not forgotten you! life just got super busy and the summer flew right by and well, here we are!  i'll catch you up...
we moved.  it was hard and hot and not fun.  at all.  but we did it!  and though we have had no money and no time to do anything to our new house since we moved... we still love it!  it has a lot of potential and we think it's so charming.

it even has a little studio in the back that will be my new 'noodle and lou' space.  it needs some minor tweaks... a ceiling, drywall, electricity.   yeah.  those things would be a super start!  trying to be patient in this season of change.  i would love to have EVERYTHING done and beautiful all at once. but it's not going to happen for quite a while.  so, something to look forward to!!  

the boys started back to school a couple weeks ago.  we were able to stay in our same neighborhood and the same schools.  jake started high school.  yes.  HIGH SCHOOL.  it's like we are on fast forward over here y'all!  so grown up and smart and just a good kid.  we are very proud of him!  and henry started 5th grade.  big man on campus!  and it's going to be a GREAT year!!  

oh!  let me back track for a second... at the very beginning of summer, right before we moved... the boys and i went to maine to attend my nephew's high school graduation!  yay, rowen!!  maine was so fun and beautiful.  we stayed right near the beach and it was such a treat to be near water again!  a few pics for ya...

let's see... what else... how about louie and the cooker?  they would like to say hi to all of you! they hated moving... poor things!  whenever we move furniture around in the new house they start freaking out like we are moving again.  i'm here to tell ya... you can bury us here.  i never ever ever want to move again!!  :)

and on to my work... i'm still making originals and sticking them in the shop here and there!  if you follow me on instagram, i usually post there before i list something.  and i will start posting here way more often too.  i've received so many sweet emails and notes... thank you for checking on me!  thank you for still following along (or trying to!)!  and thank you for your crazy awesome support!!  the new licensed products for midwest-cbk are starting to hit shelves and the 2nd line is getting ready to debut as well!!  i can't wait to show you!! 

here's a peek at the 1st line at the atlanta market this summer!  isn't that the cutest idea to display the wall girls on clipboards!?

eek!  i still pinch myself over this line.  now i just hope that some shops bought it and that people love it!

loved catching up with you guys.  thanks for being here!!  and thanks for the love.  i sure love you right back!  xox...jenn


megitys said...

Like, like, like! It's exciting and exhausting to make changes and move. I love your work and am excited to see what is happening with it. Way to go!

lulusparkles said...

so glad to see a post from you! your house is BEYOND charming,totally love it. it is so very YOU! congrats again on your new product line.
p.s.i own that exact Airborne tee, hubby was Army Airborne back in the day so i had to have it :)

andrea creates said...

congratulations on your new move and your new licensed line!such great photos :)

Penny said...

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. HIGH SCHOOL???? How is that even remotely possible??? Holy smokes!! Sending you tons of love!! :)