noodle and lou

Frequently Asked Questions

where does the name noodle and lou come from? from my boys’ nicknames when they were babies:) jake was mr. noodle and henry was little lou. i now have a mini daschund with the name lou (louie) as well.

will you ever do an online class!? i absolutely would love to… one day…stay tuned!

how did you get in to clay work? a couple of blog friends (i miss those blog days!) encouraged me to try out paper and polymer clay. i made a few dolls and thought it was pretty fun… like playing with play dough again! after a lot of trial and error and practicing “the lulettes” were born. my little clay houses became quite popular and it just grew from there.

what advice do you have for growing a business and customer base? don’t expect it to happen overnight. it takes a lot of hard work and perseverence… don’t give up! this crazy and wonderful world of online sales and social media is HUGE and changes constantly, but guess what? there is room for all of us. my best advice is to be YOU and never stop making. keep putting yourself out there.