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famous last words

i really should know by now... not to make any grand exclamations about finishing work and organizing my life.  (couple posts ago).  often times, life has another plan for ya!  immediately after saying that last week... one of the boys got sick.  ugh.  and then i went down.  I've been dealing with chronic hives for a long time and i sometimes get huge swelling on my hands... (delayed pressure urticaria... so fun, not).  if i pull weeds (with gloves on obviously) or work with my hands for an excessive amount of time... my fingers and palms get huge, itchy swelling.  i'm painting a lovely picture for you, aren't i?  sorry:)

but the point is... i got it big time last week... after moving furniture around, etc.  and i couldn't work for days.  so all the custom orders i was finishing?  didn't happen.  i have to catch up this week.  and that's okay!  you have to listen to your body and go with the flow!  so i got some unplanned calm and relaxation and i'm easing back into this week.

and i get plenty of help from these two...

hope y'all have a great day!  here's to a brand new start... we get one everyday!  whew!  xox..jenn

i like old blocks

one of my favorite things to paint on is OLD wood.  just something about it.... adore the texture.  i painted up these cute halloween houses using some of my vintage blocks stash.  all hand painted and distressed.  have i mentioned i'm kinda obsessed with wonky plaids lately?  in the etsy shop now!

let's go...

hello monday,  i have big plans for you!  
it seems I've had more projects and work than i can keep up with, lately.  but today, that changes!  i'm getting this house organized and i'm getting ALL my current customs FINISHED this week.  i might even catch up on laundry.  i think that better be the end of the list.  that's a lot:)  it just seems everything takes me longer than i thought it would originally.  and that's okay!  sometimes it takes a little while to get into the groove.  that has certainly been the case with the new house.  but i think i'm on a little roll... moving some stuff around... i think it's working!  
definitely the case with my custom work too.  i can stare at custom notes for 2 weeks and just not even know where to start... and then it will hit me... and i do it!  my last round of doll orders has been like that.  i'm usually really good with deadlines.  they push me in a good way.  but with these dolls... they are so personal and special to the recipients... i want to get them right!  i still have a handful to finish and i'm excited to finish them up this week.  enough rambling... here are some recently finished gals.  (this is only a portion of them!)

aren't they fun?  love their little personalities.  
well, i better get to it!  
hope you have a super monday... sending you xoxo

displaying little photos

do you guys order the little square prints from prinstagram?  they are some of my favorite little things!  i just choose my photos right from my instagram and poof... i have tiny prints.  i love sticking them in little bowls or jars around the house.  they are just really fun.  

so, i had these 2 original paintings that were used in my midwest-cbk line as artwork for traditional square frames.  they were just solid wood (no hole/opening for a picture) and i wanted to still use them as frames! voila... the painted center got a little piece of wood attached... and now you can use a bit of tape or ticky tack to stick a little photo on it!  that's one of the little prinstagram square photos on the "love lives here" painting.  perfect!  and it can be changed out weekly, daily, shoot... hourly if ya wanted!  

little old photos look so darling too! 

isn't it cute!?  i put these couple in the shop.  these are a little more expensive since i used the original artwork from the beautiful soul line!  but i'm thinking of making a little series of them and they'll be a bit more affordable.  what do you think?  xox..jenn

hello friends

hi everyone!  i know.  i have not forgotten you! life just got super busy and the summer flew right by and well, here we are!  i'll catch you up...
we moved.  it was hard and hot and not fun.  at all.  but we did it!  and though we have had no money and no time to do anything to our new house since we moved... we still love it!  it has a lot of potential and we think it's so charming.

it even has a little studio in the back that will be my new 'noodle and lou' space.  it needs some minor tweaks... a ceiling, drywall, electricity.   yeah.  those things would be a super start!  trying to be patient in this season of change.  i would love to have EVERYTHING done and beautiful all at once. but it's not going to happen for quite a while.  so, something to look forward to!!  

the boys started back to school a couple weeks ago.  we were able to stay in our same neighborhood and the same schools.  jake started high school.  yes.  HIGH SCHOOL.  it's like we are on fast forward over here y'all!  so grown up and smart and just a good kid.  we are very proud of him!  and henry started 5th grade.  big man on campus!  and it's going to be a GREAT year!!  

oh!  let me back track for a second... at the very beginning of summer, right before we moved... the boys and i went to maine to attend my nephew's high school graduation!  yay, rowen!!  maine was so fun and beautiful.  we stayed right near the beach and it was such a treat to be near water again!  a few pics for ya...

let's see... what else... how about louie and the cooker?  they would like to say hi to all of you! they hated moving... poor things!  whenever we move furniture around in the new house they start freaking out like we are moving again.  i'm here to tell ya... you can bury us here.  i never ever ever want to move again!!  :)

and on to my work... i'm still making originals and sticking them in the shop here and there!  if you follow me on instagram, i usually post there before i list something.  and i will start posting here way more often too.  i've received so many sweet emails and notes... thank you for checking on me!  thank you for still following along (or trying to!)!  and thank you for your crazy awesome support!!  the new licensed products for midwest-cbk are starting to hit shelves and the 2nd line is getting ready to debut as well!!  i can't wait to show you!! 

here's a peek at the 1st line at the atlanta market this summer!  isn't that the cutest idea to display the wall girls on clipboards!?

eek!  i still pinch myself over this line.  now i just hope that some shops bought it and that people love it!

loved catching up with you guys.  thanks for being here!!  and thanks for the love.  i sure love you right back!  xox...jenn

originals for sale

lots and lots going on around here... 
the end of school is QUICKLY approaching.  the boys and i are heading to maine for my nephew's high school graduation.  we are moving.  uh. yeah.  we are MOVING.  again.  you read it right.  it's a long story of how it came to be... but the bottom line is we are moving.  it is in the same neighborhood... so that is AWESOME.   the new place is darling and full of possibilities.  we are excited.  it's a good thing!!  it's just the 'getting all our stuff over there' part.  ha!  i'm tired thinking about it.  

i'll share more when it gets closer:) 

on to current events... as in today!  i'm listing a handful of original pieces from the new beautiful soul line!  you can find them in the ol' etsy shop.  the collection is available this summer... so, this is a great opportunity to own one of the originals!  thank you for all your excitement over the new collection!!  it is such a THRILL to share the joy with each of you!  

have a great day, y'all!  xo..jenn