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when you wish upon a star

a new little collection of original paintings are now in the shop!  inspired by dreams and wishes and looking at the night sky... 


shop small

hey y'all!  hope you had a lovely thanksgiving... filled with joy and thanks.  we spent the day at home... just the 4 of us... cooking and eating and relaxing.  very nice indeed.  

to celebrate shop small saturday, i added a coupon code to the etsy shop!  it's valid through sunday (tomorrow) and you get 20% off anything and everything left in the lil' shop!  use coupon code SHOPSMALL at checkout and the discount will be applied!  

happy weekend y'all.  i'm sure thankful for each and every one of you!  xo..jenn

this and that

'tis the season where i am making stuff like crazy.  the holidays.  they sneak up on you... quick, quick, quick.  feel like i'm pretty prepared this year.  but, we'll see!!  i hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

louie and the cooker say hi!  they'll be hibernating until spring:) 


love you

hope y'all are having a good week!  
we had a little cold snap here and it's been completely rejuvenating!  such a treat to not sweat to death every time you walk out the door.  yep.  what are you up to this week?  


***little village is in the etsy shop now.  an original from the mwcbk line!  have you seen it in a store yet??  tell me, tell me!***

trick or treat

fun halloween treats have been popping up in the shop!  hope your week has been just what you needed it to be!  xoxo..jenn

famous last words

i really should know by now... not to make any grand exclamations about finishing work and organizing my life.  (couple posts ago).  often times, life has another plan for ya!  immediately after saying that last week... one of the boys got sick.  ugh.  and then i went down.  I've been dealing with chronic hives for a long time and i sometimes get huge swelling on my hands... (delayed pressure urticaria... so fun, not).  if i pull weeds (with gloves on obviously) or work with my hands for an excessive amount of time... my fingers and palms get huge, itchy swelling.  i'm painting a lovely picture for you, aren't i?  sorry:)

but the point is... i got it big time last week... after moving furniture around, etc.  and i couldn't work for days.  so all the custom orders i was finishing?  didn't happen.  i have to catch up this week.  and that's okay!  you have to listen to your body and go with the flow!  so i got some unplanned calm and relaxation and i'm easing back into this week.

and i get plenty of help from these two...

hope y'all have a great day!  here's to a brand new start... we get one everyday!  whew!  xox..jenn

i like old blocks

one of my favorite things to paint on is OLD wood.  just something about it.... adore the texture.  i painted up these cute halloween houses using some of my vintage blocks stash.  all hand painted and distressed.  have i mentioned i'm kinda obsessed with wonky plaids lately?  in the etsy shop now!