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hello spring

a new painting for spookytime jingles tonight ... 
(there's a spring hootenanny going on!)

created on an old piece of salvaged barn wood.
i love the layers and history...
a one of a kind piece... so special and sweet.

the site updates around midnight EST...
stop on by if you can!

here's a little peek at some other fun things i've been working on!

these have all sold but i'm already working
on more for y'all!  these vintage spoons from around the world,
inspired me SO much!  they just looked like they needed to be turned into spoon people.  i'm tickled to bits that everyone loves them so much.  big smiles!! 

have a great weekend you guys!  xo..jenn

catching up...

hello friends!  well... i've been a bit under the weather.  crazy hives and allergies among other bizarre ailments.... so lovely.  i had great intentions to finish some more easter goodies but that flew out the window.  the good news is that my parents came for a visit and that was a very nice distraction.  the boys really enjoyed spending time with their mia and pappy...  very special!  they left to head back home this morning... we will miss them a bunch.  

i'm going to work on catching up.  getting back into the groove.  feels like i say that a lot lately.  life can throw you some curveballs, that's for sure!  but you just get back up and move forward!  grateful for that! 

i hope YOU are all doing just super!


bonjour you cuties! 
i do love a striped shirt and beret.  
so why not make a couple french artists!? 
(that is pronounced ar-teeeeests, of course)

madeleine and jean paul are now in the shop!  
happy thursday!  xox

who is ready for spring!?

happy tuesday to you! 
it's about 80 degrees here today (i know... i'm sorry!  it will be back to cold weather tomorrow... crazy texas!) and i'm thinking springy thoughts.  my newest lulettes are thinking spring too.  they just hit the shop!  i used a crackle glaze this time around.  hadn't used it in forever and i think i missed it!  i love the slight crackle the girls wound up with.  think i'll order the golden crackle paste next.  because i do love everything else golden makes!  

thanks for stopping by today!  sending you each a warm spring hug!  xox..jenn

hi there.

well, it's been an embarrassing amount of time since i said hello.  
sometimes so much time passes that you just don't know where to start?  life gets crazy busy and something has to be put on the back burner.  there's something about social media as well.  it all just seems to replace blogging.  kind of sad!  i've said goodbye to facebook for almost a year now... my page is still there but i can't even access it anymore... nor do i want to... adios time sucker.  of course i still adore instagram and some of you have been following me over there.  i love the community there, i really do.  and it's not like i haven't been working.  i've been busier than ever.  working on some SUPER exciting projects.  growing my lil' business.  i really am so fortunate and i know it!  i appreciate each and every one of you... to the moon and back!! 

the boys and chris are doing great.  the doggie boys are doing great.  how about i'll just share some photos from the last few months to catch you up.  and i'll see y'all real soon!! and thanks for never giving up on me!!  xox... jenn


i hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving!  we spent the day at home, just the four of us, and i cooked some yummy food and we watched movies and did nothing!  my favorite! 

and in the spirit of thanksgiving and this happy season, i would like to offer a little treat for you!  now  through monday 12/2... take 25% off your entire purchase at noodle and lou!!  hooray!  use coupon code THANKFUL at checkout.  i will be adding new things starting now (the little house paintings below!) and all through the weekend.  and you get 25% off all of it!  ***coupon is NOT available for custom orders***

no set times for the listings... sorry!  but i always post a preview over on my instagram account if you are on there or want to look at it on the computer!  (just click on the link)

thank you so much for your continues support and for being the absolute best of the best.  i appreciate you all to the moon and back!!  xox...jenn

p.s. take 35% off everything in my neglected little vintage shop! use coupon GIVETHANKS at checkout! 

p.p.s. the new issue of inspired ideas is out!  and it's incredible.  so many good things to make for the holidays!  and look who's on the cover:):) i'll be doing a bigger post soon... but had to share real quick with ya!  xoxo